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ERIN JADE LANGE is the award-winning author of contemporary young adult novels, Butter, Dead Ends, and Rebel Bully Geek Pariah. She is the winner of the Friedolin Youth Book Prize in Germany and the Sakura Medal in Japan. She has also been nominated for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize (twice), the German Children’s Literature Award and multiple state book awards. Her debut novel was a 2013 Teens’ Top Ten Pick, and her books have appeared on several state reading lists. As a former journalist, Erin is inspired by current events and real-world issues and uses her writing to explore how those issues impact teenagers. She is an only child, so she spent a lot of time entertaining herself as a kid. This required her to rely heavily on her own imagination, which is probably why she became a writer. Erin grew up in the cornfields of northern Illinois, along the Mississippi River in one of the few places it flows east to west. She now lives in the sunshine of Arizona and will forever be torn between her love of rivers and her love of the desert.


2016 Abraham Lincoln Masterlist
2016 Nevada Young Readers Award nominee
2015-2016 Iowa High School Book Award nominee
2015 Sakura Medal winner
2015 High School Sequoyah Masterlist
Waterstones Children’s Book Prize nominee 2014
2014-2015 South Carolina Young Adult Book Award nominee
2014 Blue Hen Book Award nominee
2014 TAYSHAS List
2013 Teens’ Top Ten Pick


“Using current, hot-button topics–cyberbullying, obesity, and teen suicide the
author weaves a compelling tale sure to draw teens in.”

– School Library Journal STARRED Review

“Dark, funny, painful, and powerful.”
Publishers Weekly

“Butter is a darkly humorous tale of bullying, obesity and the craving for
popularity in the Internet age. Of course, we live in an age of childhood
obesity, teen suicide and Internet Bullying. But Butter isn't about being fat, it's
a dark and humorous tale about being a target, and that experience may be
more universal than any of us may want to acknowledge.”

– The Telegraph

“It is exciting, funny and intriguing, as well as deep and enlightening. Making
you think about obesity, the different forms of bullying and suicide, Butter
stays with you long after you've finished reading it.”

– The Guardian

“A strong and gutsy debut.”
– Booklist

“Thought provoking.”
– Kirkus Reviews

“When does an Internet dare go too far?  Erin Jade Lange tackles a timely topic with a hefty dose of in-your-face intensity, tempered by the droll sense of humor from an unexpectedly fierce narrator.  Butter’s voice is loud, funny and unapologetic. I cared deeply for him and found myself rooting for him to find a way out of the mess he’d made.”
 – Daisy Whitney, author of THE MOCKINGBIRDS

“A clever, tender and emotional page-turner!  Butter’s sharp and witty narrative had me laughing out loud on one page and broke my heart just as easily on the next.  Debut author Erin Jade Lange proves she knows how to tell a story and this is one I won’t be forgetting any time soon.” – Courtney Summers, author of SOME GIRLS ARE